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Driving in the USA


It's worth a mention, if this is to be your first visit to Orlando, then standing in line waiting for your car hire was the worse thing, the rest of the time you will be fine, remember again this is a big place, there are more people, more things to do & more places to visit, which all adds up to more CARS!, so one thing to remember after the 9 hour flight, after the heat has hit you, after you have took the wrong turn again & said a dozen times "I am never doing this again" Don't Panic!, take your time, familiarise yourself with the car, study the maps, plan a route to the parks, look for landmarks to remind you of the route & watch out for the Guide Markers located all along the road.

It's not difficult here, it's just different, think BIG, the Orlando area is very spread out & generally you will have to drive a distance to get from one place to another, take Disney World for instance, it is larger than the Greater Manchester area alone, Disney has it's own road network & even it's own Fire Dept', nobody walks anywhere over here everyone drives. It may sound daft but it is a good idea, if possible use the Toll roads, it will cost you pennies to drive on them & the roads are normally quiet & Direct, a bit like mini motorways it is also a good opportunity to get used to driving your strange car as well, remember the speed limit is 55mph, (unless you see any different) you will see there are a lot of Police, Sheriffs & State Troopers driving about, whilst they can be fair on Tourists they can also be strict, just remember Don't Panic!


Don't Drink and Drive. Florida has strict laws, with penalties of up to six months in prison for first-time offenders. The legal limit for the blood-alcohol level is lower than in Britain, so it is safer not to drink at all if you are driving. It is also illegal to carry open containers of alcohol in the car itself

Flashing orange lights suspended over the road indicate a school zone so proceed with caution. School buses CANNOT be overtaken in either direction when they are unloading and have their hazard lights on.


It is illegal to park within 10ft of a fire hydrant or a lowered kerb, and NEVER park in front of yellow painted kerbs - they are stopping points for emergency vehicles and you will be towed away.


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